Jews in gulf region to receive shipment of matzos ahead of Passover

Published: March 21, 2021

DUBAI: Jewish communities in the Gulf region will be getting 650 pounds of matzah imported ahead of Passover, according to the Times of Israel newspaper.

The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities will arrange delivering the cracker traditionally served on Passover to Jews in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.

The body, established in February to oversee Jewish necessities, will also provide Passover materials to American troops in the region.

“It is very exciting to see such demand for Passover programming in the Gulf this year,” said Rabbi Elie Abadie, a Jewish leader in the UAE, was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

Jewish culture and practices began growing in some gulf countries, especially after two countries in the region, the UAE and Bahrain, have normalized ties with Israel.

It is reported that options for kosher dining in the UAE began growing, as well as the numbers of tourists visiting the country since the deal was made.

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