The AGJC has arranged for the shipment of nearly 650 pounds of matzah to Gulf

Published: March 15, 2021

The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC), the people-to-people network of Jewish communities from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that are developing Jewish life in the region, has planned a variety of programming to support and enrich the holiday of Passover for the local Jews.

“For so many years, the Jewish community in Bahrain celebrated Pesach on our own but this year through the creation of the Association of Gulf Jewish communities, we are able to celebrate with the broader Jewish community of the Gulf,” said Ambassador Houda Nonoo. “The volume of matzah we are shipping in speaks to the growth in Jewish life regionally.”

Among the AGJC’s significant initiatives for the holiday, the group has arranged for the shipment of nearly 650 pounds of matzah to the six GCC countries, along with kosher for Passover food. This follows an important event for Purim and also a unique report on kippahs in Bahrain.

The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities (AGJC) is the umbrella organization for the Jewish communities of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries that are building and enhancing Jewish life in the region. The AGJC notes that “while each community is independent, they share a common goal and vision – for Jewish life to flourish in the Gulf for the benefit of both residents and visitors.”

On Wednesday evening, March 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia / 8:00 p.m. in Oman and the United Arab Emirates, the AGJC will host a Zoom lead by Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie on the topic of “Seder Essentials,” with a 30-minute seder focusing on the themes of the holiday and a Q&A session. Participants are invited to submit any questions live during the program, a statement notes. Those who are interested, can register at

A statement on the events notes that “On Wednesday evening, March 31, AGJC leadership has been invited to Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi where Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie and members of the board along with military chaplains and the Jewish Welfare Board will host a Passover celebration with holiday food and conversation for U.S. troops stationed at the base. The program will be webcast for other U.S. bases in the region.”

“It is very exciting to see such demand for Passover programming in the Gulf this year,” said Rabbi Abadie. “As many will be leading their own seder this year due to less travel because of the pandemic, we are looking forward to offering the Seder Essentials webinar in order to provide them with tools and tips for doing so.”

“We created the AGJC in order to share resources among the Jewish communities in the Gulf and one of our first projects was the coordination of matzah for the upcoming holiday,” said AGJC President Ebrahim Dawood Nonoo. “As a result, we are bringing in nearly 650 pounds of matzah which will be disseminated throughout the GCC, the largest amount to date.”

The AGJC oversees programming and services such as the Beth Din of Arabia, the Arabian Kosher Certification Agency, lifecycle events and other community programs. For more information, visit

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